Vision, Mission & Values

Mission: To add value to our community by providing high quality residential aged care services tailored to meet the needs of our community.

We believe that we can build on our positive reputation within the Maffra community, grow our services and respond flexibly to the changing needs of our community.

Vision: To provide high quality residential aged care services that respond to the changing needs of the community.

Values: To maintain and enhance this community asset we will:

  • Strive to achieve excellence in the quality of services we provide; and place the community and specifically our residents at the centre of what we do;
  • Act with honesty, transparency and integrity;
  • Be supportive and socially just in the way we provide services;
  • Demonstrate through respect and mutual obligation the way we value people;
  • Value our independence and maintain our capacity to be self determining.


We would like to hear your feedback through the community portal.