Physiotherapy help patients with breathing or mobility problems. The involvement of physiotherapists extends beyond ward attendance to education of patient and carers, as well as rehabilitation in the gym or pool if required. Many patients are followed up on an outpatient basis.

Occupational therapy is assessment and treatment through the specific use of selected activity for those who are temporarily or permanently disabled by physical or mental illness, or by social or developmental problems.

Speech pathology assesses and manages children and adults who have difficulties with language, speech, swallowing, voice, stuttering or hearing loss. A service is provided to inpatients on doctor’s referral, and to outpatients from 0 – 5 years old and from 18 years onward.

Dietitians consult on the nutrition requirements of inpatients and outpatients following referral. Outpatients who have not been inpatients can be seen in a fee-for-service clinic.

Social workers offer support to clients in the inpatient setting, assisting them to work through issues they may have. This may involve linking clients with community based services, supporting the family/carers, and putting supports in place prior to discharge home.

The Koori Hospital Liaison offers service to the Koori community which enhances the inpatient experience.


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