Maternal & Child Health

The free Maternal and Child Health (MCH) provides a modern digital resource for families to use every day for trusted information on child and maternal health. Time saving features include information on popular child health and development topics; click-to-call emergency contacts; prompts for upcoming MCH consultations; and regular updates and messages.

Finding reliable information between Victorian Maternal and Child Health (MCH) visits can be challenging for families. The MCH App combines trustworthy information and time-saving features, into one simple digital tool. Features include:

  • Nora, the app’s digital assistant, can answer most common child health queries
  • a library of information on popular health and development topics
  • click-to-call contacts
  • prompts for upcoming MCH consultations
  • regular updates and messages.

This free app can be personalised and is available for all Apple and Android smartphones. Click Here


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