Primary Health Care and Community Partnerships

Volunteer Program – Volunteers are a vital and valued part of the team at Central Gippsland Health. Volunteers provide assistance in a wide range of areas, including Planned Activity Groups, Community Transport, emergency relief, Friendly Visiting, Delivered Meals, Pink Ladies and Palliative Care. If you are interested in becoming involved as a volunteer, contact the Volunteer Program on 5143 8889.

Diabetes Services include Diabetes Nurse Educator, Dietician, Podiatry and Exercise programs. The Diabetes Nurse Educator provides a three day per week service.

Asthma Nurse Educator offers specific training in asthma management and first aid in line with Asthma Victoria Guidelines. The Asthma Educator works closely with other health professionals to ensure the best possible client care and support. Services include one to one client consultation, plus asthma education for groups such as Asthma First Aid, Asthma Friendly School Training.

Community Social Work/Counseling offers support for people experiencing a range of issues, including relationship breakdown, grief and loss and depression. The counsellor works with the client to identify their goals and offers strategies to achieve these goals. A Youth Counsellor is part of this team.

Maternal and Child Health is available to families with children between the ages of 0 – 6 years. Access is at our range of locations and attendance can be as often as the family feels necessary. Maternal and Child Health Nurses are notified of any births in our area and will make contact with families within five working days of receiving the birth notice to arrange a first visit, which is usually carried out in the home.

Current guidelines recommend that at minimum children attend a centre for key assessments at two, four and eight weeks, then at four, eight, twelve and eighteen months and also at two years and three and a half years of age.

Maternal and Child Health can be contacted on 5143 8814.

Carer Support Groups offer carers the opportunity to meet with other carers. A carer is a person who provides support to an individual who for reasons of illness, trauma, aging or birth, is unable to independently perform activities of daily living. There are an estimated 2.6 million carers in Australia, one in every five households If you need respite to attend meetings, contact the Carer Respite Centre Gippsland on 5143 9888 or on free call 1800 059 059.

Carer support groups meet in Maffra (telephone 5147 0100) Loch Sport (telephone 5146 0349) and Sale (telephone 5143 8889). Call the relevant number for details.

Emergency Relief offers short term and one off financial assistance for people in need. Funds can be used to purchase food, petrol, accommodation and pharmaceutical assistance. An application process is required which involves a short interview with a trained volunteer. Referrals can be made in person or by a General Practitioner, Police, Centrelink and other care agencies. Phone 5143 8600 for further information.


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