Graduate Registered Nurses / Graduate Registered Midwives – Applications & Interviews

At CGH we believe that our personalised approach sets us apart when supporting our Graduates and staff. We have one small cohort of Graduate Registered Nurses / Graduate Registered Midwives who commence their program in February each year.

The computer match process is a two-part application process, all eligible students will first need to register with the Post Graduate Medical Council of Victoria (PMCV) and submit their list of hospital preferences. Following this, each applicant will then need to submit an application directly to each hospital on their preference list.


Part One PMCV:
CGH complies with the PMCV Computer Matching process. Further information regarding the PMCV computer match process including how to apply for a Graduate year at CGH and key dates can be found by clicking on the link below:

Part Two: Hospital Application:

To apply at CGH, the second part of the application process requires all applicants to submit an application (including all supporting documentation) directly to CGH via our e-recruitment website. Documentation required in order to submit a complete application includes the following:

  • Curriculum vitae with a current passport sized photo of yourself
  • An application letter describing which stream you are applying for and why you wish to take part in the CGH Graduate Program
  • Written responses to each of the following key selection criteria:
    – What 3 values are most important to you and how would these influence your work as a nurse CGH?
    – Discuss a challenging situation and how you acted to overcome it.
    – What is your biggest ambition?
  • A certified transcript of academic results, to date
  • Two Clinical Appraisals – preferably final year, and excluding mental health

Click here to access Mercury


CGH interviewing dates and processes comply with PMCV computer match guidelines. Following the closing date for applications, each application will be examined and invitations for interview will be emailed to successful candidates.

These invitations will ask you to open the attached link and select a time and date for interview.

At CGH we understand that interviews can be daunting, and we try to make it as nice as possible for you. Our interviews consist of a 30-minute panel interview in which there are 2-3 interviewers (Graduate Nurse and Midwifery Program Coordinator (GNMP), NUMs, HR representatives etc) and yourself. During this time, we take turns to ask you questions that are designed to allow us to learn a little bit more about you as well as examine your critical thinking and knowledge of our organisation.

Following this, there will be a short multiple-choice online quiz that is used to supplement your interview. This quiz can be completed from the comfort of your own home and focuses on general nursing knowledge and CGH values.

If you have any questions regarding the Graduate Nurse & Midwifery Program you are welcome to contact Amy Norden, the GNMP Coordinator, at Central Gippsland Health by phone on (03) 5143 8516 or email:


We would like to hear your feedback through the community portal.