Hints & Tips

  • Make your application personal
  • Where possible use examples when addressing the key selection criteria
  • Make sure you know what your referees are going to say about you (there’s nothing wrong with asking)
  • Make sure you address all documentation to the correct hospital
  • Ensure that all requested documentation is uploaded
  • Get yourself known, email the Graduate Nurse Midwifery Program Coordinator and ask questions about the program
  • If you don’t usually wear jewellery, avoid wearing it to an interview because you will fiddle with it
  • Try to relax the interviews aren’t as scary as you think they are, be yourself
  • Do some research about the hospital before your interview and know about the Graduate Nursing /Midwifery program you are applying for
  • If you are nervous about your interview, google nursing interview questions and practice your responses with friends or a family member
  • Attend an information session to hear more about the program
  • Find the program that is the right fit for you


Remember you are only starting out your career ask yourself:

  • Has it got enough support?
  • Are there rotations that interest you?
  • How many study days do they offer?
  • Will I see or hear from my graduate coordinator?
  • How big is the cohort size?
  • What is the retention rate after the graduate year?
  • What EFT are they offering?
  • Will this program fit with my life i.e family, children etc?


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