Maternity and Newborn Services

Take a Virtual Tour of Maternity Services at Central Gippsland Health

Central Gippsland Health delivers approximately 450 babies each year.  It is staffed by a specialist team of midwives, obstetricians, and paediatricians who work together to provide you and your baby with the highest quality of care. It has a Special Care Nursery , with high and low care cots, providing care for babies who require incubator care either because they are sick or pre-term, or have complications requiring oxygen therapy or cardio-respiratory monitoring. The nursery caters for babies as young as 34 weeks.

Lactation staff assist with the establishment and maintenance of breastfeeding.

Maternity services include:

  • Pre-admission clinic
  • Antenatal care program at the WHIMS (Women’s Health & Integrated Maternity Services) clinic
  • Antenatal education and breast feeding classes
  • Antenatal admissions and monitoring for at risk conditions
  • Birth suite specialised care by a midwife
  • Postnatal care
  • Domiciliary care – where a midwife visits following discharge
  • Breastfeeding support services
  • Education and training for students, midwives and medical staff
  • Allied Health support including social work and physiotherapy




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