Surgical Services

Central Gippsland Health (CGH) is the major provider of extensive surgical services in the Wellington Shire. Our skilled team of local surgeons are supported by a multidisciplinary team to provide access to general and specialist surgery procedures including colorectal, breast, laparoscopic, endoscopic, gynaecological, Ear Nose & Throat, ophthalmology, urology, IVF and Paediatrics.

Ask your General Practitioner for a referral to one of our surgeons:

Mr. Radha Nair

Clinical Head of Unit

Mr Nair studied Medicine in India and subsequently attained surgical fellowship in both India and the United Kingdom. Mr. Nair continued to work internationally before accepting the role of Senior Consultant Surgeon at Alice Springs Hospital in Northern Territory in 2012. During this time, he attained his fellowship with Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS). Mr Nair has a broad spectrum of surgical expertise in trauma, laparoscopic surgery, thyroid, breast and emergency vascular procedures including hernia, gallbladder, varicose veins and skin lesions, colorectal surgery. His specialties include Thyroid, breast, laparoscopic surgeries, skin lesions including flaps and grafts, paediatric and adult circumcision, correction of undescended testis, varicose vein surgery, hernia surgery, gall bladder removal, hand surgeries like ganglion removal, carpel tunnel release, dupuytrens contracture release, haemorrhoidectomy-open and stapled, fissure and fistula surgeries.

Mr Nair has been the Head of Unit of Surgery at CGHS since March 2019. Mr Nair is a teacher and guide for gastroscopy and colonoscopy and performs all interventions including, polyp removal, banding of haemorrhoids, arrest of GI bleeds, endovariceal banding, PEG tube insertion etc. Mr Nair is a GESA member and supervisor for trainees. He is a member of Academy of Surgical Educator of RACS, Member of Surgical Oncology of RACS, mentor for surgical trainees of RACS. Mr Nair also holds credentials for Gippsland Breast Unit and an active participant of GRICS (multidisciplinary team for cancers). He has accreditation as a member for Surgical Board, General Surgeons Australia, Site supervisor VIC-COL(value in care-colonoscopy)

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Mr. Paul Strauss

Paul is a General Surgeon with a particular interest in Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery, Breast Surgery and other aspects of General Surgery including Laparoscopic  Cholecytectomy, Laparoscopic Appendecetomy, and Laparoscopic Incisional and Groin Hernia Repairs. All referrals should be faxed to Strauss Medical Centre on 5143 2744 or call 5143 2366.


Mr. Masimba Nyandowe

Attaining his primary medical qualification from  Godfrey Huggins School of Medicine (now the Zimbabwe College of Health Science) Dr Masimba Nyandowe is an Australian trained Specialist Laparoscopic, Breast, General Surgeon and Endoscopist.

Masimba holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Zimbabwe, a Master of Public Health from Deakin University, and is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

He comes to Central Gippsland Health from Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane where he has worked since August 2021.

Masimba maintains a public appointment with Central Gippsland Health providing specialist Breast, Thyroid, Laparoscopic, General and Endoscopic surgery and is taking new referrals. Masimba treats a broad spectrum of surgical illness with special interests in laparoscopic surgery for bowel, hernia and gallbladder conditions as well as treating invasive and benign breast conditions in a multidisciplinary setting in a wholistic approach.

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