Central Gippsland Health (CGH) won two awards for helping kickstart careers in the sector at the recent 2018 Victorian Learn Local Awards.

The Victorian Learn Local Creating Local Solutions Award went to Noweyung Learn Local in Bairnsdale for ‘Kickstart your Career in Health’ in partnership with CGH. This award recognises the achievements of a Learn Local program or project that is creating solutions to local training needs.

CGH Chief Executive Officer, Dr Frank Evans, said this innovative model of pre-accredited training was rolled out at CGH and was now being delivered across other key industry sectors.

“It’s forecast that by 2020, the Gippsland region health sector will experience staffing increases of 18 per cent across all services,” he said.

“Couple this with current skill shortages and CGH saw an opportunity for change.”

CGH partnered with Noweyung Ltd to deliver the pilot program creating health training pathways at Sale Hospital, aimed at helping unemployed/underemployed people pathway into employment and further education.

The program was also designed to assist in addressing a skills shortage in the Gippsland health sector.

The second award was one that was presented for the first time this year and according to Dr Evans, completely underpinned what Learn Local represented.

The Victorian Learn Local Young Pre-accredited Learner Award was presented to CGH employee, Aymee Schofield, who took part in the program last year and now works permanently for CGH.

“The Victorian Learn Local Young Pre-accredited Learner Award is presented to a learner who has established pathways for themselves into further education, employment or volunteer roles,” Dr Evans explained.

“Ms Schofield was unemployed before she enrolled in the Kick Start your Career in the Health Sector course. Her traineeship within Sale Hospital’s Human Resources Department gave her a new lease on life and in the end, permanent employment.”

CGH is the largest employer in Wellington Shire and Dr Evans said providing education and employment pathways for people, especially for the disadvantaged, was one of the most powerful things that could be done to improve the health of the community.

“Our motivation to support these initiatives is driven by the concept of equality,” he explained. “Everyone has the right to opportunity and to feel valued and supported.”

Noweyung Ltd and Ms Schofield joined more than 300 other learners, teachers and education providers from across Victoria that were recognised for their outstanding efforts in adult community education.

Learn Local providers make a huge difference in their communities by helping people who need extra support to turn their lives around with programs for people of all ages and from all walks of life.


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