Central Gippsland Health is urging its staff to have the flu vaccination this year to reduce any risk of spreading the virus to patients and clients.

Director of Nursing and Clinical Support Services, Denise McInnes, said CGH was pleased with the early response to its annual campaign.

“CGH is asking all our employees to have the vaccination this year, if not for themselves, for their patients, their families and the wider community,” Ms McInnes said.

Following last year’s devasting flu epidemic where there were around 1500 deaths Australia-wide and 18,000 hospitalisations, CGH is hoping for a good response from staff.

“Although young and old are considered the most vulnerable, last year the group most affected by influence was the 18-49 year age group which was significantly over represented in all three strains,” Ms McInnes said. “That’s the age of most of our employees.

“The flu is passed on during the incubation period well before a person experiences the symptoms. We need our staff to understand that vaccination is not only to protect them but also their patients, co-workers and their families. If people don’t want to do it for themselves, please think of others.

“This is our key message in our campaign this year…if you don’t want to do it for you, do it for your patients and families. Do it for our community.”

CGH infection control nurses have started running immunisations sessions at all CGH campuses.

Caption: Pictured is infection control nurse, Cathy Mowat, vaccinating the Nurse Unit Manager at Maffra Hospital, Leah Adams.

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