Central Gippsland Health has made big changes to its food environments and will be celebrating with the launch of its redeveloped cafeteria on Friday (7 September) with staff invited to a special morning tea.

Foods traditionally high in taste and low in nutrition are what experts point to as contributors in the obesity epidemic. Now, CGH has renovated its cafeteria with a new healthy menu in keeping with its commitment to Healthy Choices.

CGH Chief Executive Officer, Dr Frank Evans, is proud staff members have put their own hospital under the microscope.

“As staff, we all recognise that we are the face of CGH,” he explained. “We all contribute to a culture that promotes wellness and enhances quality of life and this cafeteria is CGH taking responsibility for its own health and wellbeing that directly benefits patients and their families.”

The changes to the structure of the cafeteria as well as the food options were made to align CGH with Healthy choices: food and drink guidelines for Victorian public hospitals. A key recommendation of CGH’s own Health Plan 2012-2022 is to fully implement these guidelines as part of its primary prevention strategy to address cardiovascular disease and obesity.

A hospital is often seen as a pillar of its community and Dr Evans said it was the responsibility of CGH to walk the talk, understand the connection between healthy eating and good health, and enforce healthy behaviour in all aspects of its operations.

“With approximately 45,000 meals served through the cafeteria each year, we have the ability to make a difference to the health of our community by making the healthy choice the easy choice,” he said.

The interior refurbishment of the cafeteria has included structural changes and new furniture, including booths, benches and smaller tables with charging points for electronic devices.


New signage for all food and drink in the cafeteria categorises options available.

A full menu review for both the cafeteria and hospital menus was undertaken and vending machines audited to ensure 50 per cent of food and drink available fit within the green category of the guidelines; the Best Choice where these foods and drinks are displayed in prominent areas and are available at all times.

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