Central Gippsland Health (CGH) is using the power of cinema to improve the health and wellbeing of patients.

A cinema room was recently opened at Maffra District Hospital and construction is underway of a new cinema space at Wilson Lodge Nursing Home in Sale.

The cinema concept was born after some CGH staff and aged care residents attended an event at the Maffra hospital that featured a guest speaker and slideshow. So impressed with the event, that Diversional Therapist Coordinator, Kirsty Snyder, said it was decided the cinema space should be a permanent fixture.

“Resident feedback was that we would like this to happen more,” she explained. “We have seen firsthand the power of cinema – a good film or speaker enjoyed together builds community and friendships.”

Patients and residents can choose their own DVD, television show or YouTube program to watch, the decision is always made as a group between residents and staff.

“This builds a bridge across generations, not just for staff and residents, but the look on a grandchild’s face when their grandmother says they’ve seen Wonder Woman, is priceless,” Mrs Snyder said.

Residents and patients have requested popcorn for the afternoon movies and there are plans to provide a portable popcorn machine that can be wheeled to a bedside for those that cannot make the screening.

“We are currently arranging guest speakers from the community to come in and use the cinema screen to do power point presentations at the residents’ request,” Mrs Snyder concluded. “We try to make the Diversional Therapy program about the person and not their condition.”

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