Central Gippsland Health is seeking community members interested in joining a focus group to assist with implementing its Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) Action Plan.

CGH aims to provide a health service that is LGBTI inclusive by assisting and supporting patients, clients, staff and volunteers to feel welcome and safe.

Director Community Services at CGH, Mandy Pusmucans, said after a self-assessment last year, it was now time to set up a focus group, comprising staff and community members, to oversee the finalisation of the plan and its implementation.

“We assessed ourselves against the Victorian Government’s LGBTI Inclusive Practice Standards,” Ms Pusmucans said.

“We were very grateful to have the assistance of a volunteer community member who is also a member of the LGBTI community. Her lived experience was an important aspect of this self-assessment.”

The six LGBTI-inclusive practice standards are:

  1. Organisational capability
  2. Workforce development
  3. Consumer participation
  4. A welcoming and accessible organisation
  5. Disclosure and documentation
  6. Culturally safe and acceptable services

Ms Pusmucans said the next step in this process was to convene the focus group. “We want to ensure that our plan has a positive effect on health and wellbeing outcomes for our LGBTI community,” she said.

If you are interested in participating in the focus group, contact Ms Pusmucans at Mandy.pusmucans@cghs.com.au or call 5143 8810 by close of business on Friday 9 March.


For more details contact Lynne Smith on 0437 918234 or email lsmith@wordwisecommunications.com


We would like to hear your feedback through the community portal.