Central Gippsland Health (CGH) has implemented the electronic medical record (EMR) system to improve patient care at Sale, Heyfield and Maffra hospitals.

The EMR stores patient information securely and confidentially.

The EMR implementation was supported by two years of extensive planning, development and staff training. EMR Site Coordinator, Lisa Fuessel, said the system reduced the need for patients to re-tell their story with their detailed medical records available instantly online to their attending health professional.

“Our patients will now notice our staff at their bedside entering their details into a computer rather than writing it in a folder,” Ms Fuessel explained. “This ensures information is easy to read and readily accessible to the health professionals involved in their care.”

By implementing EMR, patient information can be tracked over an extended period of time by multiple healthcare providers. It can help identify those who are due for preventive check-ups and screenings, and monitor how each patient measures up to certain requirements like vaccinations and blood pressure readings.

CGH Chief Executive Officer, Mark Dykgraaf, said EMRs were designed to help organisations provide safe, effective and precise care.

“Perhaps the most significant difference is that electronic medical records are universal, which allows clinical staff to access a patient record to provide safety and continuous care at any Gippsland health facility,” he explained.

With an EMR, healthcare professionals can prescribe and order medication for patients online more safely. They will know the patient’s medical history and any allergies they may have.

“With such detailed information available at our fingertips, our staff can more easily give our patients safe and efficient care” Mr Dykgraaf said.


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