A new group to provide emotional and practical support to people affected by cancer is meeting again in Sale on 20 September 2018.

The formation meeting of the group last month attracted 10 people who are keen to build on these numbers.

Central Gippsland Health’s Community Liaison Group is supporting the establishment of the new group which will focus on individuals who have or have had cancer.

CGH Director of Community Services, Mandy Pusmucans, said the attendance reaffirmed there was a need for a supportive group in Sale.

“It was wonderful to have 10 people come along to this group,” she said. “People shared their stories and experience and provided support and friendship. It appears that there is definitely a need in the community. Those present believe that others will come once they learn about this.

“Once the group has a solid foundation, there is potential to expand this to involve partners, friends and family in the future.”

For more information and future meetings please contact 5143 8800.


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