The Newborn Intensive Care Foundation (NICF) is raising money for a warming cot that Foundation Chairman, Peter Cursley, said could have saved his baby’s life.

Mr Cursley is determined to gift the Special Care Nursery at Sale Hospital with this essential equipment that safely transfers babies to and from theatre. A raffle aims to raise enough money to support the purchase of a $44,000 warming cot, with 100 per cent of the proceeds being donated.

Mr Cursely’s lived experience is proof the first 10 minutes of a newborn baby’s resuscitation is critical.

“Newborns can develop complications very quickly without appropriate timely care. A warming cot with resuscitation equipment is the ideal device to have during labour and delivery procedures,” he explained.

“Many years ago, while living in NSW, our baby was born blue and was resuscitated by the nursing staff. Although she was revived, it was too late to prevent brain damage and she was taken off life support. If the birthing unit had a warming cot, our baby may still be alive.”

A warming cot has medical air and oxygen readily available and provides a safe surface and clear access during procedures. It also allows for the recording of weight (without removing the infant from bed) and adequate lighting.

The winner of the raffle will take home a various prizes including furniture, massage and hairdressing vouchers, and food hampers.

The raffle will be drawn on Wednesday 22 December and tickets are available online at

For more information contact NICF Chairman, Peter Cursley on 0414 446 662.


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