After 87 years, the Heyfield Hospital and Laurina Lodge Auxiliary has regretfully come to an end.

Established in 1935, all past and present members were recently invited to attend a special lunch to acknowledge the hardwork and dedication of the committed group of volunteers.

More than just a fundraising committee, Central Gippsland Health (CGH) Chief Executive Officer, Mark Dykgraaf, said Auxiliary members were the backbone of the hospital and aged care facilities.

“No words can accurately convey the pride and recognition we all feel for the commitment Auxiliary members have shown over the decades,” he said.

“Not only did they raise thousands of dollars to improve the quality of life for patients and residents with new furniture and medical equipment, Auxiliary members worked right alongside our staff in keeping the gardens beautifully maintained to serving meals and simply being a friend when our patients and residents needed one.”

While the formal Auxiliary has disbanded, some members will continue to volunteer in some capacity.

“Some past and present members have expressed an interest in volunteering to support the residents in other ways such as taking them out for coffee or arranging afternoon teas and luncheons at their homes,” Mr Dykgraaf explained. “While CGH is investigating a number of other fundraising opportunities with local businesses.”

Unfortunately, the Auxiliary has been actively recruiting for a number of years without success. If you are interested in supporting Heyfield Hospital and Laurina Lodge, please contact Heyfield Hospital on 5139 7979.

Past and present members of the now disbanded Heyfield Hospital and Laurina Lodge Auxiliary came together for a special lunch to mark 87 years of service.


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