Central Gippsland Health has started winding back all non-urgent surgery where it is safe to do so following a government directive issued late yesterday.

The Victorian Government is working with public and private hospitals on a system-wide response including how to preserve critical resources for when they will need them most – that means beds, staff and supplies – not just to care for coronavirus patients but to keep looking after everyone in our community in need of emergency and urgent care.

No further category three elective surgeries will take place until further notice, while category two surgeries will only happen if delays would pose a serious risk to the health of the patient.

This is consistent with a decision of the National Cabinet acting on advice from the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee that until further notice all elective surgery, other than urgent cases, will be suspended. This applies both public and private hospitals.

This will not affect emergency surgery, or category one elective surgeries which are the most urgent.

As the pandemic progresses DHHS will actively plan for these services to recommence, including surge capacity to reduce waitlists when it is safe to do so.

If you have surgery scheduled, you will be contacted by CGH staff over the coming days. If you have any questions, please call CGH Reception on 5143 8600.


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