Central Gippsland Health (CGH) Medical Imaging has fully transitioned to digital imaging. This significant step forward not only benefits the environment by reducing the use of hazardous chemicals and valuable resources associated with X-ray film, but also enhances convenience for its patients.

CGH Chief Executive Officer, Mark Dykgraaf, said digital imaging eliminates the wait time for films to be printed, burned to CD, posted, or collected.

“Digital images will now be securely sent directly to the referring doctor along with a report

from our radiologist, eliminating the risk of images being lost or forgotten,” he explained.

Patients can access their images via the CGH Medical Imaging online portal system, My-i-med by:

  • Go to I-med.com.au/my-i-med
  • Select View My Images
  • Enter name, date of birth and mobile phone number

Patients must follow up directly with their referring doctor regarding the results, who will receive the results on the portal 48 hours after the imaging test. Formal written reports will be available on the portal from seven days after reaching the referring doctor.

“While the medical benefits of X-ray imaging are undeniable, its usage raises environmental concerns,” Mr Dykgraaf said. “X-ray imaging requires specialised equipment and disposable items, leading to the generation of electronic waste. Transitioning to digital imaging means CGH reduces this e-waste while producing a markedly higher imaging power compared with conventional film or computerised imaging.”



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