Heyfield’s Laurina Lodge aged care facility will undergo a major refurbishment this year.

The Board of Management has approved a project worth more than $500,000 which will see a full refurbishment of the older part of the facility.

Board Chair, Deborah Rogers, said 25 rooms would be completely refurbished with modern rooms including updated ensuites and furnishings.

“It is fantastic news for not only Heyfield Hospital and Laurina Lodge but also for the entire Heyfield community,” Ms Rogers said. “Our facility means that local people can remain in their local community as they age. But we want to ensure that it keeps pace with expectations.”

The board would now apply to the State Government for pre-approval to proceed with work expected to be completed this year.

Laurina Lodge was built in 1994, co-located with Heyfield Hospital with some refurbishment in 2006. It offers transitional care, respite and permanent care.

In addition to all aged care services, residents have access to Heyfield Medical Centre located on-site.

“In the aged care sector today, there are large facilities being built throughout the nation however we recognise that it is our care that sets us apart from others,” Ms Rogers said. “But we also recognise that we need to provide the best facilities we possibly can which is why we are undertaking this project.”

“Our goal is to enable and empower all our residents and their families to engage in a lifestyle of their choice.”

Ms Rogers highlighted the advantages of being part of Central Gippsland Health.

Heyfield Hospital (incorporating Laurina Lodge) is one of three entities coming under the CGH network brand – the other two are Stretton Park in Maffra and the Central Gippsland Health Service which includes Sale Hospital and a number of community health centres.

“While we operate as an autonomous facility, being part of this broader network enables us to be part of a brand that provides comprehensive care across the life journey, from birth to aged care,” Ms Rogers said.



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