Visitors Guidelines


Visiting hours are from 10am – 12pm and 2pm – 7pm.

If you’re visiting a patient at Sale Hospital, it’s important to keep to our visiting hours so patients can get plenty of rest.

For patients, hospital is a place for treatment and recovery. We have generous visiting hours broken up by a rest period in the middle of the day. These two hours of rest help to give your loved ones time to recover.

Don’t hesitate to contact the hospital to discuss when might be a good time to visit your loved one. Patients may be away from their room during visiting hours for tests and other treatment or therapies. Knowing this in advance means you will not make the trip to the hospital and have a long wait to see the patient.

We ask that, where possible, there are not more than two visitors per patient at one time. This is in consideration of other patients, and to allow adequate space for staff to provide patient care.

Visitors that are exempt from visiting hours include:

• Birthing women or patients in maternity care – one partner or support person can remain for an unlimited time
• For children under 18 years, two parents/guardians can remain for an unlimited time. One Parent/guardian can stay overnight; and
• Patients at end of life have no limit to the number of visitors per day, or how long they can stay

All visitors:

– Must be free of COVID-19 symptoms (other than symptoms caused by health condition or medication)
– Must be 7 days post testing positive for COVID and be symptom free
– Must be well with no respiratory or gastro symptoms.

Visitors may be required to wear face masks during periods of high community transmission or during COVID outbreaks in ward areas or residential care facilities. Children under 12 years old are exempt from wearing a mask as are those with a medical exemption.

Hand hygiene:

Visitors shall perform hand hygiene on entry and exit to the health service / aged care facility and to individual wards or rooms.

Visiting COVID positive patients or suspected COVID positive patients:

If the patient is suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19, appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) must be used by visitors with staff to facilitate safe donning/doffing.


There are no specific visiting hours for our aged care facilities.

All visitors should:

– Be well and free of respiratory illness
– Strongly encouraged to take a rapid antigen test before entry
– Encouraged to wear a mask during their visit
– Not visit if COVID positive, for at least 7 days and be symptom free

Visitors may be exempt from entry requirements if they:

– are a person visiting for the purpose of an end-of-life visit
– are a person providing urgent support for a resident’s immediate physical, cognitive or emotional wellbeing, where it is not practicable for the person to take a COVID-19 rapid antigen test prior to entering the care facility


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