Medical Services

Our physicians are supported by an extensive multidisciplinary team of Registered and Enrolled Nurses, Specialist Nurses, General Practitioners and Allied Health professionals including dietitians, physiotherapists, speech pathologists and occupational therapists to provide individualised, goal-focused care.

Our Medical Team:

Dr Vittal Jadhav

Clinical Head of Unit

Vittal has completed his Post Graduate Medical training in United Kingdom and has worked nearly 20 years in National Health Service United Kingdom. Prior to joining CGH, Vittal was Head of Service for Acute Medicine at the University Hospitals of Leicester, United Kingdom. He has obtained postgraduate qualifications of Membership of Royal College Physicians of United Kingdom and Fellowship of Royal College of Physicians United Kingdom. He has been a trained professional Mentor, Supervisor and Appraiser. His areas of interest are General and Acute Internal medicine. He has a special interest in Quality Improvement, Safe and Effective Delivery of Medical Patient Care Services. He has special interests in Acute and General Medicine. He will be consulting from CGH Consulting Suites on Mondays and Wednesdays. He would be happy to receive referrals from General Practitioners, Specialist community Nurses, Better@Home team and Values Based Health Care Practitioners.

Currently Vittal provides acute support to medical and critical care inpatients in addition to General Medicine outpatient clinics. All referrals can be sent to


Dr. Howard Connor 

Howard Connor graduated from Melbourne University in 1978. After working at a number of hospitals in Melbourne and a year travelling and working overseas, he received his Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians in 1987 and is accredited by the College in General Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Respiratory Medicine. Dr Connor joined the team at Sale in 1988 and has worked as a Physician at the hospital since. As well as working at the hospital he previously had a private practice from which he has retired. Dr Connor has worked at LRH providing respiratory and bronchoscopy services and helped set up the Gippsland Inaugural Lung Function Laboratory. Dr Connor’s other roles at Sale hospital have included Director Medical Services/Chief Medical Officer, Director of Emergency Department and Critical Care. From 2004 to 2017 he worked with Monash rural clinical school as a senior lecturer and as the clinical dean of Monash East and South Gippsland Rural clinical school. Currently he participates on the roster as an acute care Physician at Sale and reports on ECGs, ambulatory monitors and stress tests in Cardiology.


Phone: 03 5143 8145

*Please note referrals are required for all appointments.


Dr. Nizam Uddin 

Dr A.K.M Nizam Uddin is a Consultant Respiratory & Sleep Medicine specialist and General physician at Central Gippsland Hospital. Dr Nizam completed his basic Physician training at Box Hill Hospital and Monash Medical Centre he completed his advanced training in Respiratory and Sleep Medicine from St. Vincent’s Hospital and Monash Medical Centre. He also received his fellowship in Internal Medicine and trained at Monash Health. he then completed a Clinical Research Fellowship year at Monash Lung & Sleep Centre. His special interests include difficult to treat Asthma, COPD, vocal cord dysfunction, lung cancer and complex sleep related breathing disorders. He is currently researching difficult to treat asthma and vocal cord dysfunction patients for their proper phenotyping. Dr Nizam is also currently running a research project along with Monash Dental team for approaching a reasonable treatment plan for mild to moderate sleep disorder patients.

All referrals can be sent to



Dr. Minz Cheah

Minz completed his MBBS at Melbourne University in 2006 and continued his junior medical training at Eastern Health. He joined the Royal Australasian College of Physician in 2010 obtaining fellowship in 2016. He then completed his advanced training and maintained his affiliation with Monash Health as a consultant physician. Minz enjoys spending time with his patients going through their conditions and management plans, promoting evidence-based medicine and patient disease awareness and health literacy.

Currently Minz supports CGH as an Acute Care Medicine Specialist taking all general medicine patients and has a special interest in Cardiology and Perioperative Care.

Currently Minz provide acute support to medical and critical care inpatients in addition to Cardiology Consulting services and Stress Testing outpatient clinics.

Should you have any queries regarding access to services please contact:

Cardiology Consulting Services


Phone: 03 5143 8944

Fax: 03 5143 8945

Stress Testing


Phone: 03 5143 8145

*Please note referrals are required for all appointments.



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