Referrer Portal

Welcome to our Referrer’s Portal.

You will find a list of services provided at the Sale Hospital, and the names of the doctors who provide the service.  Please use the contact provided to send referrals.



Speciality Doctor Referral contact Public/Private
Cardiology Dr Alex Huang Public
Cardiology Dr Andre Lagerche Public
Cardiology Dr Andrew Macisaac Public
Cardiology Dr Fei Fei Gong Public
Cardiology Dr Kegan Moneghetti Public
Cardiology Dr Khoa Phan Public
Cardiology Dr Stephanie Rowe Public
Cardiology Prof Andrew Wilson Public
Dermatology Dr Alex Gin Private
Gastroenterology Mr Simon Banting Private
Infectious Disease Dr David Griffin Public
Infectious Disease Dr Emma Paige Public
IVF Dr Gareth Weston Private
Nephrology Dr Veena Roberts Public
Neurology Dr Andreas Pattichis Public
Neurology Dr Jason Ray Public
Neurology Dr Kelly Bertram Public
Neurology Dr Michael Zhong Public
Neurology Dr Tharani Chandran Public
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Dr Sandhya Gupta Public
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Dr Sothinanthan Srichrishanthan Public
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Dr Radha Pandian Public
Ophthalmology Dr Alex Amini Private
Ophthalmology Dr Doron Hickey Private
Orthopaedics Mr Malcolm Thomas Private
Paediatrics Dr Stephan Reid Public
Paediatrics Dr Dulshanie Silva Public
Paediatrics Dr Mustafa Adamji Public
Physician Dr Vittal Jadhav Public
Physician Dr Nizam Uddin Private
Physician Dr Minz Cheah Private
Physician Dr Howard Connor Public
Surgery Paediatrics Mr Chris Kimber Private
Surgery Mr Radha Nair Public
Surgery Mr Masimba Nyandowe Public
Surgery Mr Paul Strauss Private
Urology Mr Philip McCahy Private
Vascular Dr Neil Roberts Private




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