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Our Paediatric Team

Dr Mustafa Adamji

Acting Clinical Head of Unit

Dr Adamji completed his medical training in New Zealand, having worked at multiple paediatric centres both rural/regional and urban centres, including Wellington, Auckland, and rural New Zealand such as Whakatane, Palmerston North. He received his FRCAP in 2019 and been working as a consultant since then. He has held various roles/positions as a Paediatrician, including supervision of inpatient and outpatient referrals, teaching students and junior doctors, oncall, coverage of ED/HDU departments, Community Referrals, Community Care. He has worked in the ambulatory setting providing outpatients consultation and inpatient care. His special interests include paediatric gastroenterology and general paediatrics.

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Dr Dulshanie Silva

Dr Silva has completed her primary medical education in University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Then she undertook her postgraduate in general paediatrics in Lady Ridgeway Hospital in Sri Lanka, Armadale Health Service in Western Australia, and Monash Health. She was a Paediatric registrar when she arrived in Australia in 2017. Since has worked as a Paediatric registrar and advanced trainee at Armadale Health Service in Western Australia, Dandenong Monash Health, Central Gippsland Heath.

Her field of special interest is developmental paediatrics.

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Dr Abraham Oommen

Dr Oommen completed his paediatric training in the United Kingdom, obtained his FRCPCH in 2013 and has been a consultant in the NHS at Milton Keynes hospital for 20 years. His initial medical and paediatric training was in India and as a trainee in the UK, he was awarded an MD from the University of Leicester for research on preschool children with wheeze.

As a consultant, he has performed various roles such as lead for Asthma, High dependency care and medical school teaching with the University of Buckingham.

His special interests include general paediatrics and paediatric asthma.

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