Central Gippsland Health (CGH) is supporting the growing and urgent need for improved clinical addiction support services with its Pharmacotherapy and Wellbeing Clinic in Sale.

Celebrating its first anniversary, referrals to the clinic have increased significantly in the past 12 months.

The clinic allows Nurse Practitioner, Terrie Strike, to offer a tailored, locally based range of bulk billed, clinical and therapeutic interventions and ongoing support for anyone in the community who is struggling with wellbeing issues and addiction.

Terrie also provides maternal and post-natal care for soon to be mothers struggling with addiction, supporting them to navigate the maternal health system.

“Addiction is a growing concern and can have severe personal, financial, social and professional impacts,” Terrie said.

“Please consider seeking help for yourself, or others, if you have concerns.”

Prior to the establishment of the Pharmacotherapy and Wellbeing Clinic, CGH provided clinical in-patient medical assisted detoxification services to those commencing recovery from alcohol and substance abuse.

Terrie has over 25 years’ international experience in addiction support. As a credentialed Mental Health and Learning Disability Nurse, Terrie can also consider the wider issues that addiction brings to those seeking support and recovery.

“Alcohol and substance addiction can lead to serious health issues that can go undetected and worsen over many years,” Terrie said.

“Early addiction recovery support can prevent their onset and improve overall health, in particular the CGH clinic can also provide free Hep C treatment, Hepatitis B vaccination and assist with pain management whilst providing referral links to other health specialists.”

Anybody wishing to commence addiction recovery only has to obtain an initial GP referral to see Terrie at the CGH consulting rooms in Sale.

To provide ongoing community support, CGH also runs a weekly addiction recovery group, SMART Recovery, which allows participants to set their own achievable goals. Available for all forms of addiction including gambling, online shopping, smoking and unhealthy eating, no referral is needed.

SMART Recovery groups are held every Friday in Rosedale and Sale as follows:

  • Rosedale Neighbourhood House 10.30 – 11.30am, 5199 2595
  • CGH Sale Community Services 1.30 – 3.30pm, 5143 8800


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