The Stretton Park Aged Care rotunda has been transformed thanks to a unique partnership between the facility, a local sporting club and several generous donors.

The rotunda project was initiated by the facility’s maintenance officer, Lyell Berry, and Stretton Park residents, who wanted to improve the outdoor environment. Before its transformation, the rotunda at the facility in Maffra was exposed to the elements that impacted on its use.

Central Gippsland Health (CGH) Chief Executive Officer, Mark Dykgraaf, said one of the challenges of providing quality aged care was to ensure residents had access to stimulating outdoor environments.

“Lyell and the residents decided that walls around the rotunda would provide more shelter and privacy, and it was the remarkable community connections that turned this idea into reality,” he said.

Lyell reached out to the Maffra Football Netball Club (MFNC), where he had connections through CGH registered nurse and club Vice President, Brooke Anderson. Local carpenter and football club player, Luke Shelton, volunteered his time to complete the project, with assistance from local plumber and team mate, Andrew Gieschen.

The project also received generous donations from Avon Timber in Sale that supplied and delivered the timber, and Maffra Golf Club, that provided the iron cladding. The project was supported by MFNC President, John Brunt, Stretton Park Manager, Glysa Selby, CGH Director of Aged Care, Caron Mallet, and the Stretton Park Board of Directors. The final stage of the project – the installation of the blinds – was made possible by a grant from the Community Bank Maffra and District.

“The MFNC was proud to give back to Stretton Park, which has been a pillar of the community and a home for many relatives and friends of the club members,” explained Ms Anderson. “The residents of Stretton Park are grateful for the improved rotunda, which allows them to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine in a more comfortable setting.”

Mr Dykgraaf said the project was a wonderful example of how different sectors of the community can work together to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

“Thank you to everyone involved for their hard work, time and commitment in providing their support in completing this important asset for our residents that I am sure will impact on the lives of many for years to come.”

Photo caption L-R: Stretton Park resident Kath Amey, CGH nurse and MFNCC Vice President, Brooke Anderson, Maffra Golf Club President, Alex Johnson, MFNC Committee member, Lauren McQuillen, Stretton Park Divisional Therapist, Jasmine De Groot, Gieschen Plumbing’s, Andrew Gieschen, MFNC players and carpenter, Luke Shelton, Stretton Park and Heyfield Hospital maintenance officer, Lyell Berry, from the Stretton Park Board of Directors, Helen Montague and Kathy Crooke, Stretton Park Manager, Glysa Selby, and Stretton residents Shirley Kincaid and Alison White.



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