With start-up funding provided by the Better Care Victoria Health Innovation Fund, the Critical Care Telehealth project at Central Gippsland Health (CGH) consists of a number of components aimed at making sure it is providing the best evidence based care to patients, locally where possible.

Some of the current patient care processes that have been implemented so far include:

  • Critical Care Unit (CCU) calls an Alfred Consultant Intensivist at 8.00am every business day to discuss all patients admitted to the CCU.
  • If needed, a patient teleconference is then arranged for later in the day to more extensively review the patient and discuss any recommendations of care.
  • After hours urgent patient reviews are also available by the Alfred Intensivists.

These supports are helping to ensure that CGH Physicians and the team caring for its critically unwell patients are providing the right care at the right times.

The Medical Registrars are also enjoying being exposed to the learning experiences offered by their involvement in these patient consults.

To date:

  • Six CGH CCU patients have been reviewed by an Alfred Consultant Intensivist
  • Fifteen consultations have been provided

So far, many of the patient reviews have resulted in minimal changes to patient care. This is a complement to the level of care already provided at CGH.

Planning is underway for a dedicated tele-ICU Education facility adjacent to the CCU. However, in the meantime CGH has already participated in three formal education sessions with the Alfred, Mildura and Horsham Intensive Care Unit’s (ICU) and Bairnsdale Hospital.

Topics for the three education sessions were Advanced Ventilation Strategies for Asthma, ICU Care for Anaphylaxis and Toxicology.

The education sessions were focussed toward Critical Care concepts. However, all Medical, Nursing and Allied Health staff and students were welcome to attend. Education has been provided to 30 participants to date.

In the coming weeks, the project will be providing greater access to the educational opportunities provided through the Critical Care Telehealth program.


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