Residents at Laurina Lodge Aged Care in Heyfield are rejoicing in a new outdoor space made possible by a generous donation.

Heyfield Lions Club gifted $10,000 for the design and construction of an outdoor gazebo and the residents couldn’t be happier.

Central Gippsland Health Director of Residential Aged Care, Sally Weatherly, said residents provided valuable input into the positioning, design and overall functionality of the gazebo.

“The aim of this project was to enhance resident’s quality of life, promoting positive physical and mental health outcomes in addition to supplementing current refurbishment projects,” Ms Weatherley explained.

The Laurina Lodge residents and their families enjoy the facility’s extensive gardens, which are meticulously cared for by local volunteers, Max and Eileen Page and Marie Appleyard.

“The new gazebo complements this inviting, tranquil outdoor space the residents use every day,” Ms Weatherley said.

Heyfield Lions Club Secretary, David Wadey, said the club did not hesitate to offer support to Laurina Lodge, having provided funding for things like beds and equipment in the past.

“We have always supported Laurina Lodge in any way we can,” he explained. “As one of the biggest Lions Clubs in Victoria with 43 members, we are lucky to be able to have the means to help take care of our local community.”


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