Central Gippsland Health (CGH) has enhanced its public Neurology service by collaborating with Alfred Health.

This service now provides access to specialist Neurology care catering to complex conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy and movement disorders that require ongoing treatment and monitoring.

CGH Head of Medicine, Dr Vittal Jadhav, said the Neurology service would be managed in partnership with physicians and general practitioners to allow the patient to be treated closer to home.

“Visiting local GP clinics and talking to senior colleagues made me realise that we were in need of neurology services locally that avoided patients making a six-hour round trip to Melbourne to see a neurologist,” Dr Jadhav explained.

An existing relationship with Alfred Health helped make the improvement to the service easier.

“CGH shares common goals with Alfred Health of treating and managing patients locally to avoid unnecessary travel and we are in talks now to replicate this system to other medical specialities which might be lacking in the region,” Dr Jadhav said.

The CGH Neurology service comprises one fortnightly on-site visit to the Consulting Suites at Sale Hospital, coupled with one telehealth clinic per fortnight. Patients will require a doctor’s referral.

“We have a great Neurology service to get these chronic, complex conditions managed locally with support of CGH and general practitioners,” Dr Jadhav said.

“Thanks to the entire management team at CGH who has been phenomenal in getting the required support in establishing this service and the ongoing work to further build similar models in other medical specialities.”



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