Central Gippsland Health (CGH) has been recognised for initiating change in health behaviours within the organisation by achieving the benchmarks for the Alcohol and Other Drugs health priority area of the Healthy Workplaces Achievement Program.

By registering under the program, CGH has worked alongside an evidence-based health and wellbeing framework that is aligned with the World Health Organisation’s model for health promoting healthy workplaces.

CGH Chief Executive Officer, Dr Frank Evans, said by creating a healthy workplace CGH was helping staff make healthier choices, while improving the culture of the organisation overall.

“Our involvement in the Healthy Workplaces Achievement Program is about creating and emphasising the support available to staff, while highlighting our responsibilities as an organisation to commit to creating a healthier culture around alcohol and increasing access to information and support,” Dr Evans explained.

“It’s good for everyone; it enhances personal and organisational resilience, increases productivity and success, and it’s simply the right thing to do.”

To achieve the benchmarks, CGH;

  • Reviewed its Use of Alcohol and Drugs at CGH procedure
  • Increased access to information about support services
  • Improved training opportunities for managers and clinical staff to better understandreferral options and pathways
  • Ensured all events promoted safe alcohol consumption
  • Committed to participating in community initiatives that raised awareness about theharmful use of alcohol and drugs

At CGH, all staff are encouraged to contribute, both in looking after their own health and in creating a healthy workplace culture and environment.

“The Alcohol and Other Drugs working group had great representation across the organisation and this really helped us engage employees in collective decision making to introduce solutions that were innovative,” Dr Evans said.

“We are all very proud of achieving this benchmark where a few vital behaviour changes can have a major impact.”


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