Central Gippsland Health (CGH) will purchase an additional life-saving piece of equipment for its special care nursery after Fulham Correctional Centre donated money raised from its recent Easter egg raffle.

A collective effort by the Fulham team in the Rehabilitation and Reintegration department, led by Administrative Support Officer Colleen Bell, raised $1500 that will go towards the purchase of a respiration neonatal monitor.

“We knew we wanted to donate the money raised from our Easter raffle and supporting a locally based health provider seemed like an obvious choice,” Ms Bell said.

“It’s a great way to support an organisation that has no doubt helped someone close to all of us – family, friends and neighbours, and we feel so honoured to be able to give back.”

Director of Nursing, Mandy Pusmucans, said she was thrilled to accept the cheque on behalf of CGH, saying that the donation from Fulham Correction Centre would allow the special care nursery at Sale Hospital to purchase a much needed second respiration neonatal monitor.

“The respirators monitor the breathing of at-risk babies, sounding an alarm if the baby stops breathing for more than a set period of time (generally 10-20 seconds),” Ms Pusmucans explained.

“It is a single channel respiration monitor with a respiration sensor that is attached to the baby’s abdomen and linked to the monitor by a narrow tube. If the selected alarm time is breached an audio visual alarm is triggered.”

Caption: CGH Director of Nursing, Mandy Pusmucans, Fulham Correctional Centre General Manager, Col Caskie and Administrative Support Officer, Colleen Bell.


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