Overcoming Obstacles at Stretton Park

Stretton Park Aged Care in Maffra is partnering with Overcoming Obstacles to open Yo Yos @ Stretton, a new café that will use the existing facility onsite.

Overcoming Obstacles Disability Services is a person centred service providing support for people with disability and mental health challenges. Its aim is to make sure clients and their families have the skills, resources and confidence they need to participate in the community or access the same kind of opportunities or services as everyone.

According to CGH Director of Aged Care Services, Caron Mallet, Yo Yos @ Stretton would help support Overcoming Obstacles with employment and training.

“This is going to be a great employment platform for people with disability and a fantastic opportunity to provide a unique cafe experience for Stretton Park residents, employees and the wider Maffra community,” she said.

Stretton Park residents recently enjoyed an afternoon tea to celebrate the announcement, with Yo Yos @ Stretton set to open on 2 October 2023.

For more information about Overcoming Obstacles visit https://www.overcomingobstacles.com.au.


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