Work on one of Central Gippsland Health’s (CGH) major infrastructure projects has begun.

The construction of a new apartment complex providing accommodation for medical staff commenced this week with the removal of existing infrastructure and the installation of temporary fencing.

Located at Foster Street, Sale, across from Lake Guthridge, the major accommodation project has been five years in the making. CGH Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr Frank Evans, said he was excited to see this project coming to fruition.

Supported by the John Leslie Foundation with a contribution from the Flint Estate Special Purpose Fund, the state-of-the-art accommodation complex will cater to a number of different medical staff.

“Whether it is junior medical staff beginning their career, hospital medical officers and registrars obtaining experience at CGH or for those supporting leave replacement, the accommodation is an investment in the highest quality infrastructure and equipment to meet the needs of our patients and community,” Dr Evans explained.

“The junior medical staff we support are the doctors of our future and we want them to enjoy their experience at CGH, both at work and in our community.”

The new accommodation complex provides a more cost effective model for maintenance and utilities, preventing the need for leased accommodation. It provides an attractive alternative to hotel/motel accommodation for visiting medical staff and supplies housing for students at a low cost.

CGH has an obligation to provide accommodation for junior medical staff and locums, and a desire to accommodate other students and staff on a short term basis. A review of the accommodation stock owned and leased by CGH in 2015 established that the existing stock was run down and in need of major repair.

“This new, modern apartment facility makes us a more attractive employer,” Dr Evans said. “We hope it will entice these professionals to settle in Sale and at CGH.”


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