People can help the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation (NICF) raise $8,000 to treat newborn babies admitted to the Special Care Nursery at Sale Hospital by taking the bake challenge.

The money raised from the Bake for Babies initiative will fund the purchase of a phototherapy blanket that helps treat infants with jaundice.

NICF Chairman, Peter Cursley, said jaundice in some newborn babies could rise rapidly, causing brain damage if untreated.

“Unlike traditional phototherapy treatments where the baby is separated from mum for long periods, the phototherapy blanket means there can be physical contact while the baby is undergoing essential light treatment.” Mr Cursley explained.

“The benefits to both the baby and the mother are enormous.”

Bake for Babies is being held from 1 June to 31 August 2021. People can bake anything from scones, cakes, pizzas, muffins or biscuits and a slice. Sales from the baked goods are then deposited into the NICF Bake for Babies bank account. All donations over $2 are tax deductible and 100 per cent of all money raised in the Sale region by the NICF funds medical equipment, research and nurse education to help sick newborn babies treated at Central Gippsland Health.

“If you are like me and your scones turn out more like ANZAC biscuits, maybe people will sponsor you not to bake!” Mr Cursley said. “Or, if you are a business, why not hold a morning tea and solicit donations? The concept is as broad as you like.”

For more ideas and to register visit

For more information about Bake for Babies, contact Peter Cursley on 0414 446 662.

Caption: NICF volunteer Tina Martinovic and NICF Chair Peter Cursley baking for babies to help raise money for much needed equipment at Central Gippsland Health.


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